Best Places for Deserts in Las Vegas

las-vegas-welcomeLas Vegas, which is officially known as the City of Las Vegas is believed to be one of the most densely populated cities in America.  This city is internationally acclaimed as a major resort city and is popular with activities like entertainment, gambling, fine dining, and great nightlife and shopping.

Las Vegas can be classified as ‘’The Entertainment Capital of the World” and people from all walks of life visit this famous city which remains a one stop shop for casino and gambling activities.

In addition to all the fun and merry that goes on in this city, a lot of business conventions and global leader’s summits especially in the hospitality industry are finding this place attractive. In fact, mega entrepreneurs have poured money into this city as is evidenced by the presence of Five A list Diamond hotels, (the highest number in a single city around the world).

Apart from all the entertainment offered by Las Vegas, this city is also home to countless cake shops and you can get almost any type of cake that exits in the world.

The bakers here are known to create anything from the very decadent to the simplest of cakes. Their delicious work of art is will make your special event memorable. If you have a cake design in mind, you can just walk into a cake shop and explain your idea to the bakers and you will be surprised at their level of creativity. If you are in Las Vegas and are looking for a birthday cake that reflects your personality, here are a few cake shops you may want to try:

  • Freed’s Bakery: freed's bakery las vegas

    Located on 9815 S Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada, this cake shop is synonymous with dessert birthday cakes. They also make excellent cookies and their Cherry Cheese Danish melts in your month!


  • Milk Bar: Milk Bar las vegas

    This bakery lies strategically on 3708 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, Nevada: The birthday cakes here are one of a kind with their Birthday cake truffles, compost cookies, cereal milk ice cream and crack pies being some of the most preferred by customers.  They are also known to make some great cereal-inspired dessert cakes.


  • Holsteins Shakes and Buns: Holsteins Shakes and Buns las vegas

    If you love a Birthday cake shake, then this is one location you need to look out for.!!! They also make excellent milkshakes that you can use to accompany their tasty cakes.


  • U-Swirl Frozen Yogurt: U-Swirl Frozen Yogurt las vegas

    Yogurt lovers will be spoils for choice at U-Swirl and their Birthday cakes that come with sprinkles are a real charm! From Mango yogurt to strawberry ones and the generous chunks of chocolate cake, there is a lot to look out for in this particular cake shop.


  • Sweet Addiction Cookies & Ice Cream: Sweet Addiction Cookies & Ice Cream las vegas

    If you have a real sweet-tooth, then head out to Sweet addition and enjoy your favorite ice cream! Their list is endless and includes the pistachio (with oatmeal raisin), birthday cake, rainbow sherbet, bubble gum and the kid’s favorite cotton candy!


  • Purple Penguin Snow Cone Shack: Purple Penguin Snow Cone Shack

    A haven for people looking for unique birthday cakes in Las Vegas, One of their most preferred is the red velvet cake that comes with an ice cream on the bottom! In addition, they make the sugar free flavors for people with zero tolerance to sugar!


  • Cold Stone Creamery: Cold Stone Creamery

    Their Mint Chocolate chip is one of their best bets. Additionally, this shop has gone the extra mile to retain their customers and they have a Cold Stone club where customers get coupons and deals sent straight to their email!


  • Violette’s Vegan: Violette’s Vegan

    Their main area of expertise is in the vegetarian cakes and upon joining their birthday club (for a free) you get a chance to sample a slice of their birthday cake! Their other meals include Vegan “Eggs” and “sausage” which are all scrumptious.


  • Marble Slab Creamery: Marble Slab Creamery

    If you love mixed flavors melting in your mouth, why not try the cake batter and cookie combo with cookie dough and almonds that is available at Marble Slab Creamery.  Kids love cotton candy and it they will be in for a treat. One scoop of their strawberry is so filling!


  • Suzuya Pastries and Crepes: Suzuya Pastries and Crepes las vegas

    Their Crepes & Birthdays Cake is the best in town! You will also get a special strawberry seasoning treat from Suzuya.



  • Yogurtland: 

    Chovcolate lovers will find a haven at this cake shop. Their cakes are all about chocolate. For example, their dark chocolate sorbet cake that is served with cold chocolate frosting is one of their most unique cake menus!


  • Baskin-Robbins: Baskin-Robbins

    A place well known thanks to their tasty milkshakes, their Ice cream that comes in a cup single scope is also great for those hot days in Las Vegas.


  • Momofuku Las Vegas: Momofuku Las Vegas

    What about tasting some basil noodles on your birthday cake for dessert! Their shrimp-bun is so amazing not to forget the ginger scallion noodles that are added to it. They also have a special treat for people who love ramen but they have a special time when they serve it.


  • Crepe Shack & Waffles: Crepe Shack & Waffles

    Believed to be one of the best dessert stops in Les Vegas, this cake shop has some of the most unique cake recipes that include the bananas foster crepes that come with perfectly salted Caramel ice cream. There are other flavors that include Strawberries,  and Nutella in either a crepe or on a waffle.