What Your Casino Drink Says About You

drinks available in Las VegasAre you planning to tour and experience the great life that La Vegas, the capital city of entertainment has to offer? This is a city that will leave you spoilt for choice with their numerous form of entertainment that includes exquisite dining, incredible shopping malls, nightlife and opportunities to make some extra cash from the numerous casinos that don the place.

The good thing with La Vegas is the fact that this city has a something for visitors of all level, from the high rollers to those working with a budget.

In this article, we will take a deeper look at the three most common activities in Las Vegas which are: gambling, drinking, and drinking while gambling. However, not everyone who heads to this sunny place comes here to gamble on the same games neither do all gamblers here enjoy the same drink.

Below, we will take a look at a couple of drinks available in Las Vegas and how they are likely to define the drinker!


Beer (You Are Likely playing Video poker)

Beer is synonymous with players who adore their video poker. You will find most video poker players tend to visit the old-fashioned slot parlors in Las Vegas and not necessarily a casino.  May be the video poker screens built into the countertop are the real deal for beer drinkers.

Long Island Iced TeaLong Island Iced Tea (You are Likely Playing Craps)

Of all the casino games, craps tend to be the most fun and full of energy games. This could be the reason why the energetic long island iced tea is best taken by fun loving and energetic players. This tea is simply a concoction that is made up of beer and Coke. It’s a tea that will definitely make a player’s mind go racing.

A Dry MartiniA Dry Martini (You are Likely Playing Baccarat)

Las Vegas is s city with many faces. There are all sorts of casino games and gambling opportunities and if you want to play baccarat like the legendary James Bond, then a dry martini will give you good company.

Gin & Tonic Gin & Tonic (You are Likely Playing Poker)

Unlike most casino games, poker requires the player to possess a certain level of skill. Most of the good players must be really focused and they are generally sharp, this helps them make some good cash. Remember, each year, thousands of poker players come to Vegas for the World Series of Poker that is held each year. These players are so focused and they would rather take gin which helps them stay on top of the game as opposed to vodka.

Rum & CokeRum & Coke (You are Likely Playing Blackjack)

If you enjoy taking rum at the casino then you can be considered a moderate gambler. Actually, you might not even drink that much. Most of the players who enjoy rum while at the casino are not really interested in the whole exercise but they just want to get a feel of how it is like to play at the Las Vegas casinos.

A wine Cooler (You are Likely Playing the Powerball)

A wine CoolerDid you know it’s illegal to play the lotter in Nevada? Well, if you are visiting this state and you ae interested in trying your luck with the Powerball, then heading a few miles south of Las Vegas to Primm would be the perfect spot to purchase your Powerball tickets. This drive might temp you to take a few beers in the wine cooler but remember not to drink and drive!

A fruity martiniA fruity martini (You are Likely Playing a Goofy Slot Machine)

This sweetened drink is very common among young girls who are probably meeting their date at the casino. You will find them seated next to a slot machine that has a theme like Wheel of Fortune, Friends, or Ellen enjoying the goofy thing.

Wine Spritzer (You are Likely Playing a Keno)

Wine SpritzerWho said casinos are only for the young blood? Wine spritzers in Las Vegas are a common thing among older women who are in their 60s. These are women who visit this great city to unwind and stroll to the casino out of curiosity.

Shots (You are Likely Playing Bingo)

ShotsAre you a fan of Bingo? If so you should have noticed that it has gone hi-tech and it’s now electronic. With that in mind, as a player you need to pay little attention to the game since the screen does all the thinking for you. However, given the little activity that is required from the player, a shot or two are the way to keep the game more enticing.