Most Expensive Cupcake in Las Vegas

Would You Like to Sample A Cupcake that Costs $750!

Palmira Single Estate chocolateWelcome to Las Vegas the city that never spares any cash when it comes to entertaining its visitors. Here, you will be surprised at how things that most of us take for granted can cost an arm and a leg.

Welcome to the real first world where a single cupcake can cost as much as $750. This is Decadence D’Or cupcake available at Sweet Surrender inside the Palazzo. The cupcake comes encased in a hand-blown sugar fleur-de-lis while it’s beautifully created using top of the range chocolates.

The Cake:

One of the most distinct features in this expensive cupcake is the Palmira Single Estate chocolate which is its main ingredient. This type of rare chocolate is the genius work of one Valrhona, a French chocolatier who was hailed for growing a number of Criollo bean trees with the aim of creating a one of a kind chocolate. What is so fascinating about this chocolate is its legitimacy which ensures that it only released in vintages. The flavor and aromas also change from time to time and they include orange blossom, honey, caramel, lavender, almonds, vanilla, banana and caramel.

The Frosting:

Tahitian Gold vanillaThe makers of this cake take their time to perfect it. The frosting begins with Charentes-Poitou AOC butter, that is made by one of the oldest French butter cooperative that was founded over a century ago(1888). It contains NOT even a trace of artificial coloring, preservatives, or any sort of de-acidifying components.

Additionally, this Las Vegas cupcake gets a taste of the Tahitian Gold vanilla caviar that is blended in. This gold vanilla is originally harvested from vanilla that has been hand-pollinated and harvested by hand. This means that a human being is involved in the process of manually splitting the vanilla beans and extracting the same by hand. The result is a near perfect product.

Louis XIII de Remy Martin CognacLouis XIII de Remy Martin Cognac:

At this point, the next step involves pouring some liquor onto the cake. The liquor in question has been blended from 1200 cognacs and it can be anything between 40-100yrs!

Edible Gold Flakes:

edible gold flakes on topBack in the day, decorating risotto with gold leaves was such a big thing and Sweet Surrender opted to revive these memories by doing the same with this cupcake. The cupcake is drizzled with edible gold flakes on top and all that brings out the beauty on this fleur-de-lis shaped cupcake.

So is it worth the money?

Considering the amount of time and the top off range ingredient that go into creating this awesome masterpiece, tasting this fluffy velvet cake could be a dream come true for many cake lovers. It is a great over-the-top treat for a loved one and especially after making some decent money at the craps table!